A Christmas scene photographed in autumn

Merry Christmas

I love this Christmas photo, for the simple fact that it was taken in September! The red Christmas costumes against the yellow and brown leaves on the floor make for a great contrast and ask more questions than they answer about what is happening in this scene!

I recently took a day out to shoot the photographs for the East Bierley First School 2012 calendar which will be on sale to parents of children at the school.

Every child was involved in the shoot and will appear in the calendar, on the month where their birthday falls. Each month also has a theme and the children were encouraged to come dressed for their theme.

A Christmas scene photographed in autumn

In the picture above, the headmaster, Mr Newby is busy lining up the children and teachers with December birthdays for their Christmas themed photo. This image won’t be used in the calendar, but I shot it as I just loved the juxtaposition between the Christmas theme and the autumnal look of the background, with orange leaves on the trees and on the floor.